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Effortless Meal Planning
Our drag-and-drop Meal Planner saves you time and makes it easy to find new recipes you'll love
Personalized Recipes
Our algorithms allow you to tune each recipe to your specific caloric and macronutrient needs
Powerful Dashboards
It can be hard to find the straight and narrow path, much less stay on it. Our dashboard puts you in the driver's seat

Meal Plan like a Pro

Bring it all together in your Meal Planner. Whether you are eating a snack or deciding what to cook for the coming week, Meal Planner makes it easy.

  • Simply type what you'd like to eat and GrubBase will take care of the rest
  • Track your progress towards your goals with built-in macronutrient and calorie trackers
  • Save food, recipes, and meals to your Meal Bank for easy access
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Add your Favorite Recipes

Utilize Grubbase's recipe parsing technology to upload your favorite recipes to your Grubbase account.

  • Copy and paste in your ingredients and instructions.
  • We run your recipe through our proprietary recipe parser to create a new recipe in your account.
  • Access nutrition information for your recipe and start meal planning
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A Demo of Recipe Creation
A Demo of Recipe Customization

Make any Recipe your Own

Find recipes uploaded by other Grubbase users, tweak the serving size, and watch the recipe update before your very eyes.

  • Make meal prep easy with ingredient amounts tailored to your specific caloric needs.
  • Use dynamic nutrition information to determine how each recipe fits into your diet.
  • Edit any recipe to personalize ingredients to your tastes and dietary needs.
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